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Cameron Vindua


Research Assistant
Content Creator

"Having an education in Fashion Design and being a short man* myself, I strive to help push for positive change and diversity within the fashion industry. This project can help us better reflect our intersectional society through fashion."

*Genderfluid but default to masculine


Meet our team!


These are the people behind Sastro Circle's content and mission... 

Henry Navarro

Project Coordinator


"My height is 5 ft. 6 in. so, this issue impacts me intimately, every minute of my life. I always wonder how much harder it must be for guys who don't have the fortune of been trained in fashion design or know the inner workings of the fashion industry."




Osmud Rahman

Research Coordinator

"I have taught fashion design, and computer design courses in both graduate and undergraduate levels. My research interests lie in the areas of consumer behaviour, fashion consumption, marketing, and subculture."


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