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5 Must-Have Outfits For Summer

Image Source: Alexandra Mann/ @alexandra_mann (photographer)

Here's how to pick the best items for this season's wardrobe.


Dressing for summer is a strategy game. You are wearing less clothing to accommodate the heat, which also means less opportunity to get your look right. Having go-to looks for every summer scenario can help set you up for success. Here are 5 suggestions to help you cut corners and still put your best foot forward for the season...


1) Date Night

Sometimes, throwing on a great sport jacket is all it takes to upgrade your day look. Go with a lighter shade of pant for a bolder aesthetic, but keep it relaxed with a trendy sneaker.

Jacket: Ted Baker, $342

Shirt: Zara, $25.99

Pant: Jack & Jones, $95.00

Sneakers: Urban Outfitters, $62.00

Watch: Fossil, $245


2) Saturday Lax​​

A monochromatic look creates a great body line while also making a modern fashion statement. Keep it comfortable with a cool but wearable sneaker and add a touch of detail by cuffing your vintage inspired denim. On a chilly night, bright along a classic leather jacket to break up the outfit and stay warm.

Jacket: All Saints, $431.35

Jeans: Club Monaco, $189.00

Shirt: Target, $24.00

Sneakers: Nike, $240.00

Backpack: Zara, $69.99


3) Sun-all-day ​​

Nothing like finishing off the week with a day at the beach. By choosing a cool bathing suit short, you can disguise your look to work for the rest of the day by adding a classier version of your everyday flip-flop and a well-cut T-shirt.

Swim Shorts: Zara, $25.99

Flip-Flops: Urban Outfitters $94.00

T-Shirt: Fear of God

Cap: Urban Outfitters, $39.00


4) Classic Everything

​​Everyone needs an 'everything' outfit. This number can pretty much check any box with a basic, good quality white T and black jeans. To add some creativity, swap out the light-wash denim jacket for a blue collared bomber.

Black Jeans: $34.99, H&M

T-Shirt: H&M, $14.99

Hat: Urban Outfitters, $31.37

Trainers: H&M, $39.99

Bomber: Topman, $78.42


4) Toronto F!@*# Boi

If this is you^, we're sending you love with this all black ensemble. The denim cut offs with patch-work detailing will keep you cool in the heat with this slightly transparent long-sleeve shirt over top. ​​

...and here's a coin purse, because it's 2016.

Shorts: Topman, $66.15

Sheer Over-Sized Top: Rock Owens, $200

Sneakers: Adidas

Coin Purse: Tom Browne, $760


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