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Sastro Spotlight: Henry Navarro

Name: Henry Navarro

Height: 5'6"

Day Job: Fashion Professor, Artist, Designer

Social Media:


How would you describe yourself?

I am very adaptable, always balancing between being an introvert and an extrovert. A dual personality.

How would you describe your personal style?

Contemporary-chill. I like to feel comfortable and to be relaxed. I am interested in things that are of the ‘now’.

What are your biggest frustrations when shopping for clothes?

That proportions are always wrong. Especially for mid-range brands. They always get the proportions wrong. XS is too big. You have to either buy designer clothes or fast fashion.

What are the biggest perks of being your height?

I’m really really fast. And in social settings, people don’t see you as intimidating. They see you as more accessible.

What are the biggest drawbacks of being your height?

That people make assumptions about my character because I’m short.

Does your height affects your worldview? If so, how?

It does. Since I was a kid, I was short. I have to work harder and I have to be really really smart. If you are interacting with people who are larger than you, you have to dodge and move around and find ways to make do with that.

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