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How this Menswear Startup Made it Big with Clever Advertisement

All it took was one article of clothing to make this company grow fast.


Brands have to work harder and smarter than ever before to get the attention of their target market. After being bombarded from every angle with advertising, customers have become immune to banner tags and commercials that insult their intelligence with unsophisticated messaging.

Many big companies are resistant to changing their marketing strategy in favour of engaging with their customer, but startups, with less to lose, seem to be taking bigger risks and breaking new ground when it comes to innovation in advertising.

Chubbies is a 5 year old company that has gained some serious traction in a short period of time. They sell shorts, and only shorts. How does one go about making a business that earns its profits from one item of clothing? Through hilarious YouTube videos of course...

With videos like these, Chubbies took to social media to rally a community around their product, celebrating a lifestyle. As it turns out, simpler ads don't always capture a bigger group of attentive customers. Thoughtfulness and humour are able to achieve a greater efficiency in turning views into engagement and then eventually into sales.

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