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Justin Bieber Is Single Handedly Starting Two Trends

He has officially turned tour merchandise into trendy fashion items.


Every so often, someone with a large enough media presence can single handedly influence the masses into adopting a particular fashion style or item. In today's social media dominated society, this is becoming increasingly possible since certain individuals can reach millions of people with a single Instagram post.

Justin Bieber has a total of 75.4 million Instagram followers. He used the platform to promote his latest album entitled, "Purpose", which sold 522,000 copies. He promoted his tour merch in the same way and it is sold out everywhere. Recently, fashion influencers have been spoted repping his tour gear at fashion events, introducing it as not just the everyday tour swag, but rather, as actual fashionable items. He collaborated with fashion label, 'Fear Of God' on a few of his pieces and has also found space for his gear at Barney's.

(Photo: Chiara Ferragni: @chiaraferragni)

Many fast fashion brands have been seen hopping on the ban wagon with shirts with a graphic print of Justin's face. Over the years we've seen other iconic music artists find their home on tee shirts worn by the masses, like Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, David Bowie, and more, . Their faces alone became trends that transcended the generation of their fan bases.

Calm down. I'm not comparing the Biebs to those legends, it's just impressive that the child star seems to have jumped the barrier between his own fanbase and the fashion world.


More recently, Justin has been spotted taking a brave leap backwards into the early 2000's with the rimless rectangular shades with a gradual orange fade. Many get shivers just thinking of the retired staple, but it might be back earlier than we're ready for.

Taken from @justinbieber Instagram

Other brands have been seen rocking a similar style, like Dior's sunglass collaboration with Rihanna. The key is, making it look on purpose and not like you found them in the console of your 2003 Geep Rubicon.

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