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The Best And Worst Fashion Brands For Racial Diversity

Racial diversity is a hot topic in the fashion world. Many people are frustrated with the resitance to change among fashion's elite decision makers in the industry when it comes to accepting and celebrating non-white models.

We did a sweep of some of the top brand's latest runway shows in menswear to expose the best and worst when it comes to championing racial diversity in the fashion industry.

(The following statistics are based off observation of the brand's runway shows posted online. These numbers are not official since there is no way of knowing the actual heritage of the models.)


29% non-white


7% non-white


10% non-white

Comme Des Garcon

3% non-white

Ralph Lauren

9% non-white


25% non-white


29% non-white


42% non-white

J. Crew

32% non-white

Banana Republic

25% non-white

Dries Van Noten

17% non-white

Dolce & Gabbana

18% non-white


18% non-white

Michael Kors

24% non-white

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