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The Best Coffee Shops In Toronto To "Work From Home"

Change up your routine by working remotely in one of these great Toronto coffee spots.


With the growing startup culture in Toronto's downtown core, many people are enjoying a more flexible work life, with malleable hours, the option to work from home and a relaxed dress code.

With that in mind, here are 10 places to plug in to the office remotely while enjoying your favourite caffeinated beverage:

1) Cafe De Melbourne This place is fresh on the map in 2016 and makes genuine Australian espresso. The owner hung up his white collar to open Cafe De Melbourne as a passion project and is great conversation while you enjoy your caffeine fix and Australian style meat pie.


There are a few Dark Horse locations around Toronto, but this particular post on Spadina is a great place to settle in for an afternoon going through your work checklist. With a massive, floor to ceiling window for people watching, and a back section for a better sense of repose from the husstle and bustle, you're sure to get in the zone.


Jimmy's is a cosy place to tackle your day with a coffee and a cookie. It can be pretty busy so avoid weekends, but for a weekday afternoon on your laptop, upstairs is a great place to settle in.


4) Odin

This joint embraces a minimalistic ambiance to help you clear your mind to tackle the work day. It embraces factory style decor with white walls and an industrial feel. I personally like the mural made out of tape. I won't go more into detail. Go see for yourself.


I'm here right now. It's pretty nice. I'm having a lemonade. First it tastes sour, then sweet. Definitely some hipster secret ingredient making that happen.


Let's face it... This is not the best place to be productive, but if you hate your boss and feel like playing a little "Cards Against Humanity" with your coworker while you 'work', you've found yourself the perfect place. If you're feeling experimental, try one of the green smoothies. They look gross and taste great.


This place is very trendy. It is also more than just coffee. So if you're struggling to hit your deadlines, just trade your coffee in for a beer and watch everything fall into place.


Fun fact: The pastries here are baked fresh. Good coffee + good snacks= good day.


This is a Sweedish joint that has a reputation of making perfect coffee. It's also great for summer because you can sit outside and watch the city move. The inside looks like your grandma's living room. Checker out.


This is a good spot if you're settling in for a while. They have coffee and sandwiches, so you'll last a little longer.

Also, try the pink latte. You heard me. Real men drink pink.


This is one of the only places in the city where you can find Turkish coffee. So if you're a fan or are in the mood for something new, grab some coworkers and check it out.


This place is straight up artsy. Its better for a 'grab-and-go' experience since it has only a few bar stools but definitely worth the stop.


You could totally take a client to this place. There are lots of food and drink options to choose from and you can pre-order their sandwiches online by going to their website.

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