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Resources for the Sastro Man:  


Fret not. We have done the work for you. Here you can find the ever-expanding list of brands that cater their products and services to Sastro Men. Physical Characteristics: is 5'8" and under


In Toronto           Available Online  

in the business of menswear the fits

Stylish, high quality apparel tailored to the measurements and proportions of men 5' 8" and under.


Four Fifty Five offers a completely customised and unique shopping experience. Custom clothing allows a man to create garments as unique as himself. Book an appointment to find your perfect fit, style and suit from thousands of options, features and customizations. 


Customized style that fits, delivered to you. Order online or make an appointment to go in person to their King St E Showroom. 

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The Modest Man

Brock offers one of the best blog resources out there for short men who want to dress well and gain confidence.

Peter Manning

Classic American clothing for "not so tall" men. They have a great reputation and are always happy to help you find what you are looking for.

Modern Tailor

Affordable, reliable, tons of styles and customization options. A good choice for people new to custom clothing.

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Looking for more?

Great! Check out our blog and make sure to let us know what you are in search of.

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