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This Tee Shirt Company Is Taking Social Responsibility To The Next Level

Photographer: Hannah Sider

This company's entire structure depends on it's mission in social responsibility.


People are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of their shopping on the global community and environment. Companies are being pushed to satisfy better standards of social responsibility, but few are as ambitious as Kotn, a Toronto startup that is using basic tee shirts to make a positive impact on the world.

Kotn is an ethical tee shirt company that is working towards revitalizing the Egyptian Cotton Industry. Since Egypt cut government subsidizing for cotton farms in 2015, the industry has been struggling to sustain itself. Founders Mackenzie Yeates, Benjamin Sehl, and Rami Helali have adopted a cotton farm as the only source for their product, cutting out the middle man and ensuring fair pay and treatment to the people making the clothing. ​They also help support organization that provide free education in rural areas of the Nile Delta region. The foundation of Kotn is social responsibility, and the by product is "the softest tee you'll ever touch".

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