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With Movember well underway, the goal is a full beard or moustache to reach the ranks childhood idols like Johnathan Frakes, Hulk Hogan, and Tom Selleck. Then again, facial hair maintenance (if you are not used to it) requires time and knowledge. You must figure how to maneuver your facial terrain. The initial 5 o’clock shadow and stubble is not the most pleasant, especially when the onslaught of itchiness, splotches or patches start. The truth is, beards are not all created equal, but after you give it time (yes, sadly it takes time) to get past the initials stage(s) it isn’t so bad. So, here are a list of tips and do’s from one Sastro Man to another.

1. PLAN. Like what you would do for a clean shave, prepare and shave around the areas of your moustache (and/or beard).

2. LIMITS. As a rule, use the corners of your mouth as your guide for how wide your moustache should be.

3. KNOW YOUR SHAPE. Got thin upper lips? Grow a larger mustache as it creates a fuller, more balanced look. On the other hand, with fuller or thick lips steer towards a medium to thinner or smaller moustache that is divided to balance things out.

4. TRIM. Use clippers or scissors to control unruly growth at least once a week.

5. COMB. Comb downwards so you can trim hairs growing below your upper lip line.

6. SPACE. The area above your lip line and below your nose should have a small space. This ensures tidiness and that your moustache and beard does not overtake your face.

7. OIL. Daily use of beard oil will keep your facial hair smooth and soft.

8. WAX. Styling your beard using wax provides hold and is malleable enough to shape your stache.

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