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Shorter Guys Dominate In These Sports

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One height does not fit all when it comes to these sports.


Many would associate 'athleticism' with a certain stereotypical build, but the term is relative since every sport favours a different physique depending on the task that athlete is required to perform. Here are 10 sports that favour a shorter stature over a taller one:


1) Powerlifting

It makes sense if you think about it. If you're taller, you have to move the weight a greater distance.


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2) Rugby

The hooker in rugby is typically short and stocky. They need to fit in the middle of the scrum between two of the biggest players on their team and be able to lift their leg and kick the ball backward while in an awkward bent over position while simultaneously pushing against the other scrum, so it's good to be small.

Well, that was a mouth full. ^


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3) Gymnastics

The reasons for this one are up for debate. Some argue that it is because the intense training during formative years of puberty stunt growth. As well, being short makes for a lower centre of gravity which is preferable for the sports movements.


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4) Horse Racing

In the Kentucky Derby, horse jockeys must weigh in under 126 lb. Because of this, the sport naturally attracts smaller individuals in order for them to satisfy that standard. The restrictions have been known to cause problems with unhealthy weight loss for jockeys trying desperately to make weight.


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5) Formula 1 Race Car Driving

F1 drivers fit in a small space requiring them to be average height or smaller.

Small car, small dude, end of story.


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6) Ice Skating

Figure skating athletes have to rotate while in a vertical position. Try to spin a pencil on its point. Then, try the same thing with a water bottle. Most likely, neither of those attempts went very well, but the water bottle was probably a little bit more successful. In other words, the shorter you are, the easier it is to hurl yourself through the air while rotating in circles multiple times.


7) Skate Boarding

This is another sport where balance is key. The closer you are to the ground, the more stable you are.

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